Owners/Partners: Roman Smolcic and Tadd Mick Operator: Captain Roman M. Smolcic

Crew: Tadd Mick and Robert Pederson

Kadaho is a 50 foot Delta, purpose built for chartering by Delta Marine Manufacturing of Seattle. Powered by twin Cummins 450 horsepower engines, cruise speed is 19-20 knots with a top end of 27+ knots. USCG inspected for 35 passengers and equipped with the latest electronics and safety equipment, she has lots of deck space, spacious heated cabin w/restroom for fishing in comfort.

Roman has been fishing since he was a young boy on the rivers for Salmon and Steelhead, drifting Oregon’s coastal rivers in drift boats, growing up to wanting to be on a boat and making a living doing anything involved with fishing. Starting in 2001 commercial crabbing on the Oregon coast and later commercial tuna fishing. Then starting as a deckhand on charter boats starting in 2001 till spring of 2008 Roman then went to sea school to get his Captains License. Roman has captained vessels from 08 to current. His favorite fishery by far is Albacore Tuna (and in fact pioneered Bobber Fishing for Tuna ) and the Salmon fisheries. He loves all the fisheries and always gives 100%.

“What drives me to do the Charter fishery is waking up grabbing my coffee, warming my engines and taking my clients out for an experience of a lifetime! I want to give them experiences that they will never forget and cherish forever and put big smiles on their faces and big fish in their totes so I can see the repeat faces and keep them coming back for more! My plan for the future is that I am here to stay and make each day count.”

Capt. Roman M. Smolcic

Kadaho Charters for Tuna, Halibut, Salmon, Offshore Ling Cod, Rockfish & Crab, & Long Distance Rockfish.

Availability: Year round

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