Whale Watching

Whale Watching Report:


Whales continue to put on a good show. There was even a Humpback seen in relatively shallow water (25 fathoms), unusual for Humpbacks. Good whale sightings close to port give us the opportunity to run multiple cruises through out the day.

Premier whale watching on the Oregon coast.

Charter Vessel Samson

The Samson is Dockside's primary whale watching vessel. A fifty foot Delta owned and operated by Lars Robison. Lars has over 4 decades experience on the water and is considered one of the best in the business. With his experience and knowledge you are sure to have a great trip. When you get aboard the Samson you will be greeted by long time deckhand James, who will make you feel like part of the crew and right at home.

The Samson is certified to carry 34 passengers for cruising and is capable of making 22 knots. She has a comfortable heated cabin, two restrooms and is equipped with all the latest safety equipment. There is also a door that allows easy 'Roll on Roll off' access for wheel chairs. If you prefer a big boat for space and comfort the Samson is the best.

Whales Tail

For more information on whales and our whale watching trips aboard the Whales Tail visit: http://www.whalestaildepoebay.com

We have put our thoughts and ideas together, forming the premise, that ocean charters should be a more personal experience. Be honest and caring, making safety, comfort and satisfaction of our customer's our first priority. We have built our business on satisfied, repeat customers, give us a try and you'll see why.

Experience the excitement of seeing gray whales "up close and personal" and other wildlife on one of our whale watching trips aboard the Whales Tail. This is a thrilling and exciting ride for people who enjoy being out on the ocean or first timers who just want to experience being out on the ocean and have an enjoyable ride, additionally our whale watching trips are fun and informative.

The Whales Tail was designed specifically to give passengers the utmost in sightseeing and whale watching experiences. The Whales Tail has a smaller seating capacity and is a quieter ride than the larger boats, and they ride just a few feet above the ocean's surface. If there are whales in the vicinity, the Whales Tail can get you near them. Here you can enjoy the simplicity and intimacy of the Whale's Tail. It's quiet, roomy and faster than the larger boats so you get to spend more time around the whales.

One of the features the Whales Tail offers is a unique vantage point that gives you 360° viewing for observing Oregon's resident gray whales as they feed along the coast of Depoe Bay. Unlike larger boats, an inflatable boat sits flat on the water and has a low center of gravity, which means they don't roll like the larger boats, another feature is you won't have to smell diesel fumes, hence, you won't get seasick.

We have all the latest safety features and have been inspected by the state of Oregon. We try to provide you with a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed along with some great memories. This trip is a little more personal where we can take the time to talk and get to know our customers, you can't beat a ride on the Whales Tail.

I have been involved in the maritime industry for 40 years and recently retired from Oregon State University Research Ship Wecoma, which included scientific research of whales to sampling the bottom of the ocean to name a few.

Daily Trips: 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm

For more information on whales and our whale watching trips aboard the Whales Tail visit: http://www.whalestaildepoebay.com